THIS SESSION INCLUDES: 🙂 10 live online classes guided by an instructor + One new Brick Kit with 350 + Online access to platform for instructions + One make up class is allowed

Our mission of e² Young Engineers is to prepare children for the world they’ll be living and working in. e² Young Engineers fills the gaps that traditional education fails to address. We provide children with accessible, fun and exciting ways to learn important science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts – skills that are necessary for the creative and critical thinking needed to be successful in the modern world.

We teach STEM with mechanical engineering concepts that the children will understand in a practical and fun way what we denominated Edutainment (Education+Entertainment)

Our online program Creative Engineering  requires  a new and sealed Play Machines kit with over 350 Building bricks Piece kit included in the price that includes a motor and a motor controller (6AA batteries not included)  required to do the classes. In each class the student will build 2 different models.

PROVIDE YOUR CHILD WITH THE UNFORGETTABLE LEARNING EXPERIENCE. Build exciting machines and learn STEM Robotics concept such as :

  • Friction
  • Perimeters
  • Chain speed-increasing transmissions
  • Double speed-reduction transmission
  • Dual-sided transmission
  • 4 bars oscillation mechanism
  • Ratchet mechanism
  • Symmetry & Asymmetry


  • Flying Chairs
  • Turning Basket
  • Delivery Box
  • Slow-Fast Fan
  • Portable Skywheel Ride
  • Seesaw
  • Fortune Wheel
  • Worm Robot
  • Tea Cup Family Ride
  • Alibaba Amusement Ride


    😉 Sneak preview of the models which the students will be building.


Kids will have the opportunity to learn STEM subjects in a creative, practical and fun way!